Jacob Hibel

Jacob Hibel Portrait

Position Title
Associate Professor

2240 Social Science and Humanities


  • Ph.D., Sociology and Demography, Pennsylvania State University, 2009
  • M.A., Sociology and Demography, Pennsylvania State University, 2005
  • B.A., Sociology, Johns Hopkins University, 2003


Much of Jacob Hibel’s current research focuses on large-scale immigration's consequences for children, schools, and communities. He is particularly interested in community-level effects: the consequences of living and attending school in an immigrant-rich community versus one with lower historical immigration levels. Specific projects in this thread include examinations of cross-community discrepancies in immigrant children's disability identification, neighborhood influences on Mexican American immigrant children's academic achievement, and historical trends in migration, segregation and public school funding in the U.S. With support from the William T. Grant Foundation, Professor Hibel is conducting a series of studies examining cross-community variation in the formation and implementation of policies designed to increase access to special education, English acquisition and gifted/talented education services among children of immigrants.

Research Focus

  • Sociology of Education: schooling and stratification; early childhood achievement gaps; disability and special education disparities; links between schooling and demographic change
  • Migration: stratification among children of immigrants; impacts of international and domestic migration on educational policy and practice

Additional information here: http://jhibel.faculty.ucdavis.edu/research/


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Professor Hibel teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in quantitative research methods (i.e., statistics) and the sociology of education. Information about each of his courses can be found here: http://jhibel.faculty.ucdavis.edu/teaching/


William T. Grant Foundation Scholars Award 2016
Outstanding Reviewer Award, Sociology of Education 2015

University of California, Davis:
Chancellor's Fellowship 2017
Division of Social Sciences Dean's Award for Innovation in Research and Scholarship 2015
Faculty Fellow, DSS Institute for Social Sciences 2013-14

Purdue University:
Faculty Excellence in Research Award, Center for Research on Diversity and Inclusion 2013