Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer Portrait

Position Title
Professor Emeritus



  • Ph.D., University of Michigan


Research Interests

  • Demography and Statistics
  • Family
  • Environment and Human Ecology


  • Cramer, James. 2002. "Population Growth and Local Air Pollution: Methods, Models, and Results," Pp. 22-52 in Wolfgang Lutz, Alexia Prskawetz, and Warren C. Sanderson (eds.), Population and Environment: Methods of Analysis. Special Supplement, Population and Development Review, Volume 28, 2002.
  • Cramer, James. 1996. "A Demographic Perspective on Air Quality: Conceptual Issues Surrounding Environmental Impacts of Population Growth," Human Ecology Review.
  • Cramer, James with Katrina Bell McDonald. 1996. "Kin Support and Family Stress: Two Sides to Early Childbearing and Support Networks," Human Organization, 55:160-169.