Jyun-Jie (JJ) Yang

portrait of jyun-jie yang

Position Title
Graduate Student

Social Sciences and Humanities 280


  • M.A., Sociology, University of California, Davis, 2024
  • M.A., Women's and Gender Studies, City University of New York, Graduate Center, 2021
  • B.A., Sociology, National Taiwan University, 2018 (Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies)
  • B.S., Psychology, National Taiwan University, 2018 (Double major)


I am a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Sociology at UC Davis. One of my prior and ongoing research focuses on the legalization of the same-sex marriage movement in Taiwan, and how activists employed a variety of strategies to achieve the goal in a condensed manner. I’m also developing this topic to unpack the debate of “homonationalism” in Taiwan, where queerness/tongzhiness are intertwined with the complexity of Taiwanese identifications in geopolitics. My another recent project revisits Asian gay men’s interracial relationships in the U.S. through the framework of body and sexual capital in sexual stratification. I am also interested in exploring non-white interracial intimacies among queer people of color, and how they resist or negotiate the structure of whiteness in the ideology of color-blind racism.

Research Focus

Gender and Sexualities, Race and Ethnicity, Feminist and Queer Theory, Culture, Social Movements, Global and Transnational Sociology, East Asian and Taiwan Studies


Yang, Jyun-Jie. forthcoming. "The Compressed Modernity of Legalizing Same-sex Marriage in Taiwan: Weaving Digital Activism "from below" Into Human Rights Discourse and The Complexity of Sexual, Political, and National Identifications." In Queering Taiwan Studies, edited by H. Chiang. Singapore: Springer.


Public Sociology

Yang, Jyun-Jie. 2022. “Documenting The Movement: Urban Guerrilla Tactics and Non-violent Art Protests of Black Lives Matter in New York City.” (運動紀實:BLM的都市叢林游擊戰──紐約非暴力的藝術抗爭). Taiwan Streetcorner Sociology. (link).



Teaching Assistant

SOC 002 Self & Society (Fall 2022 & Winter 2023)

SOC 003 Social Problems (Spring 2023)

SOC 004 Immigration & Opportunity (Spring 2024)

SOC 005 Global Social Change (Winter 2024)

SOC 007 Race & Ethnicity (Fall 2023)


SOC 001 Introduction to Sociology (Summer 2024)