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Kimberlee Shauman


  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of Michigan
  • M.A., Sociology, Institution
  • B.A., Sociology, Institution

Research Focus

Social Stratification; Social Demography; Family, Kinship, and Gender; Education

Selected Publications

  • Shauman, K. A. (2017) “Gender differences in the early employment outcomes of STEM doctorates.” Social Sciences 6(1), 24.
  • Shauman, K. A. (2016) "Gender differences in the early career outcomes of college graduates: The influence of sex-type of degree field across four cohorts." RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 2(4), 152–193.
  • Xie, Y., Fang, M., & Shauman, K. A. (2015) "STEM Education." Annual Review of Sociology 41: 331-357.
  • Shauman, K. A. (2010) "Gender asymmetry in family migration: Occupational inequality or interspousal comparative advantage." Journal of Marriage and Family 72:375-392.
  • Shauman, K. A. (2009) "Are there sex differences in the utilization of educational capital among college-educated workers?" Social Science Research 38:535-571.
  • Shauman, K. A., & Noonan, M. (2007) "Family migration and labor force outcomes: Sex differences in occupational context." Social Forces 85:1735-1764.
  • Shauman, K. A. (2006) "Occupational sex segregation and the earnings of occupations: What causes the link among college-educated workers?" Social Science Research 35:577-619.
  • Xie, Y., & Shauman, K. A. (2003) Women in Science: Career Processes and Outcomes. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 



Intermediate Social Statistics (Soc 106)
Sociology of Adolescence (Soc 122)
The Family (Soc 131)
Social Stratification (Soc 140)
Gender Issues in Education (Soc 190X)


Methods of Quantitative Research (Soc 207A-B, Soc 208)
Gender, Family, and Society (Soc 234)
Social Stratification (Soc 295)