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Yiwan Ye


  • ABD Sociology, University of California, Davis, 2020
  • MA Sociology, University of California, Davis, 2018
  • MA Applied Quantitative Research, New York University, 2015
  • BA Economics & Sociology, University of Iowa, 2014


Yiwan studies social epidemiology and the generational disparities in health and well-being using large-scale social survey data. Yiwan’s research focused on the baby boomers’ waning well-being and emerging socio-economic challenges millennials face. He contextualized his demographic analysis with the ongoing influences of neoliberalism and globalization. Building upon Easterlin’s relative cohort size hypothesis, Yiwan’s dissertation project seeks to understand how and why cohort size influences happiness and health over time and across generations. Yiwan is highly skilled in applied quantitative research, age-period-cohort analysis, and multilevel modeling. He has experience teaching social research methods and the sociology of health and illness.

Research Focus

Health and Illness, Subjective Wellbeing, Social Demography, Multilevel Modeling, Stratification and Inequality, Higher Education, and Family.

Current Projects

  • Social Change and Self-rated Health: An Age-Period-Cohort Analysis (In Preparation)
  • Understanding Unhappy Boomers: A Cohort Analysis of Happiness Inequalities in the U.S. and U.K. (Under Review) [w/ Shu, X.]
  • Does Obamacare Help Reduce Single Motherhood and Racial Disparities in Children's Health Access (In Preparation) [w/ Searl, E., Fogleman, E.]
  • Motherhood, Race, and Parental Education Engagement (In Preparation)

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Ye, Yiwan & Xiaoling Shu. 2022. "Lonely in a Crowd: Cohort Size and Happiness in the United Kingdom." Journal of Happiness Studies. Featured: New Scientist (in print), Daily Mail.

Shu, Xiaoling & Yiwan Ye. 2022. "Knowledge Discovery: Methods from data mining and machine learning." Social Science Research.

Zhu, Bowen & Ye, Yiwan. 2020. "Gender Disparities in the Education Gradient in Self-Reported Health across Birth Cohorts in China." BMC Public Health. 20, 375.

Book Chapters

Shu, Xiaoling & Ye, Yiwan. 2023. “The Misfortune of Children of the Cultural Revolution: Cohort Size, Historical Times, and Life Chances in China.” Handbook of Sociology of China. Ed., Yaojun Li and Yanjie Bian. Imperial College Press.

Shu, Xiaoling & Ye, Yiwan. 2021. "China, Quality of Life and Well-Being.” Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research. Ed., Filomena Maggino. Springer.

Working Papers

Ye, Yiwan. "Keeping Promises: Single Mothers, Race, and Elementary Educational Engagement." Center for Research on Child Wellbeing Working Paper. WP19-11-FF.

Ye, Yiwan. “The Impact of Postnatal Education on Union Dissolution: Evidence from Fragile Families.” Center for Research on Child Wellbeing Working Paper. WP 19-10-FF.


Lecturer (Associate In_):

  • SOC 46A: Introduction to Research Method
  • SOC 6: Health and Illness
  • SOC 162: Society, Culture, and Health

Teaching Assistant:

  • SOC 1: Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 2: Self & Society
  • SOC 3: Social Problems
  • SOC 4: Immigration & Opportunity
  • SOC 5: Global Social Change: An Introduction to Macrosociology
  • SOC 6: Health & Illness
  • SOC 46A: Introduction to Research Method
  • SOC 46B: Introduction to Social Statistics
  • SOC 106: Intermediate Social Statistics
  • SOC 170: Population


  • SOC 141: Industrialization & Social Change
  • SOC 153: Sociology of Childhood
  • SOC 163: Population Health: Social Determinants & Disparities in Health
  • SOC 188: Markets, Culture & Inequality in China


Internal Funding

  • Graduate Student Child Care Grant, 2022-2023
  • Graduate Program Fellowship Allocation Funds, Winter 2022, Fall 2022
  • Department of Sociology Research Grant, 2022
  • Graduate Student Association Travel Award, 2019
  • Department of Sociology Travel Grant, 2019
  • Graduate Student Association Travel Award, 2018
  • Department of Sociology Research Grant, 2017