Wen Guan

Wen Guan Portrait

Position Title
Graduate Student

SS&H 258


  • MA Sociology, George Washington University 2019-2022
  • BA Journalism, Ocean University of China 2015-2019


Wen Guan's commitment to sociology builds on her earlier study in journalism and mass communication in China and her MA in sociology from George Washington University in Washington, DC. Her core empirical and theoretical interest is in the coping mechanisms of marginalized populations. She has researched variations of this topic through the intersection of homelessness, reentry, and recidivism in Washington, D.C.; through research papers on Xinjiang Re-education Camp, education inequality among ethnic minorities from Northwestern China; and through her two documentary films on rural migrant labor and autistic young adults, both in China. Wen's research mainly focuses on criminal justice and social equality. Skilled in both quantitative and qualitative research, policy analysis, translation, and film production. Wen is a human rights social activist and trained photographer. Have advanced skills and years of experience in video/audio production and documentary.

Research Focus

Mass incarceration; Homelessness and housing instability; Reentry and recidivism; Law and punishment; Labor relations in Global South.


“Being a Fence Watcher at Black Lives Matter Plaza” October 29, 2021 The District of Columbia Sociological Society (DCSS) The Sociologists Summer-Fall 2021 http://thesociologistdc.com/all-issues/being-a-fence-watcher-at-black-lives-matter-plaza/


Teaching Assistant:

SOC 003 Social Problems

SOC 178 Punishment and Corrections