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Caitlin Patler Wins Pacific Sociological Association Award

UC Davis Sociology Assistant Professor Caitlin Patler wins Sociological Perspectives Best Article Award.

Professor Patler's winning paper is titled "To Reveal or Conceal: How Diverse Undocumented Youth Navigate Legal Status Disclosure." The paper, which was published in the 2018 volume of Sociological Perspectives, investigates variation in how undocumented youth manage their legal status in the educational context. The research drew on interviews with Latina/o, Asian American and Pacific Islander (API), and black undocumented young adults in California. Professor Patler found undocumented students' decisions to hide legal status, while practical, can constrain social network formation and limit access to academic resources. The award will be given out at the 2019 Pacific Sociological Association Meetings to be held in Oakland, March 28th to 31st.