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Lofland Undergraduate Award Winners Announced

Lofland Undergraduate Award Winners Announced

Heather van Buskirk, Natassya Ferns, Kira Brashears

Best Term Paper Award: Nastassya Ferns -  "See Everything: Business, Technology, and Genocide," written for SOC 174-Sociology of the Holocaust, taught by Prof. Diane Wolf

Honorable Mention: Heather van Buskirk - "Agriculture in African Development Discourses: Visions and Outlooks for Economic Transformation," written for SOC 145A-Sociology of Third Wold Development, taught by Prof. Eddy U

Best Thesis Award: Heather van Buskirk - "Effects of Livelihood Diversification on Extreme Poverty across Seven Sub-Saharan African Countries' - Faculty Mentor" Ryan Finnigan

Honorable Mention: Ceara (Kira) Brashears - "Cultural Competence in  Spanish Immersion  Schools" - Faculty Mentor: Caitlin Patler

Congratulations, Natassya, Heather, and Kira!