Yao Lu's Dissertation Chapter Selected for PIPES Workshop

Yao Lu's dissertation chapter titled "Counting Colonial-Race: Censuses in Africa from 1801 to 2020" was one of the 15 papers selected for the African Studies Review Publishing Improvement Pipeline for Emerging Scholars (PIPES) Workshop held last fall. 

Conference Presentation by Yao Lu

Yao Lu presented a dissertation chapter titled "Counting Colonial-Race: Censuses in Africa from 1801 to 2020" at the Department of History Heritage and Knowledge Systems at the University of Zimbabwe and at the 2023 African Studies Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco. 

Emily Searl Co-Writes Blog Post on Work and Poverty

Emily Searl collaborated with Dr. Ryan Finnigan, from the UC Berkeley Terner Center for Housing Innovation, to produce a blog post for Econofact summarizing the newly released 2022 Current Population Survey data on the working poor in the United States. This post describes the US working poor population and the barriers to quality employment that many face and which prevents them from moving out of poverty. The blog post can be read here


Professor Laura Grindstaff Wins S.E.E.D. Award

Professor Laura Grindstaff’s project, titled “Intersectional Gender Justice: Leveraging Social Media Research for Sharing and Collaboration” has been selected for funding under the UC Davis Humanities and Social Sciences Stimulating Exceptional and Essential Discovery (S.E.E.D.) Funding Program. This program aims to support research activity historically underfunded and beyond the STEM fields. Congratulations, Professor Grindstaff!

Nadia Smiecinska awarded scholarship from the Kosciuszko Foundation

Nadia Smiecinska was awarded a scholarship for graduate study from the Kosciuszko Foundation. This foundation promotes educational and cultural exchanges between the United States and Poland and awards a limited number of scholarships to Polish-Americans who apply for higher education funding. Congrats, Nadia! 

Dr. Ariana Valle Selected for the Society of Hellman Fellows Program 2023-2024

Assistant Professor of Sociology Ariana Valle has been selected to participate in the Society of Hellman Fellows for 2023-2024. The Society of Hellman Fellows Program is designed to support the research of Assistant Professors in their pursuit of tenure. Dr. Valle's work centers on immigration, racialization, and Latinx politics in Florida. The funded project examines how a political relationship designed to maintain Puerto Ricans at the periphery produced a group that is now at the center of national politics.